Monday, October 27, 2008


I will be doing my first triathlon in December. December 14th to be exact.
There's such a stigma placed on the word "triathlon" that it seems like such an impossible endeavor to accomplish. Blood, sweat, and tears go into things like that, and I'm not sure I'm ready for that gruelling task! Can I even do it?
Well, sticking with the notion that there's nothing I can't do if I set goals for myself, I've decided that yes, indeed, I can do a triathlon.

You know why?

There's one called a Sprint. It's a 600m swim (roughly 12 laps in a 50m pool), a 12 mile bike, and a 5k. THAT-can be done. Separate those legs into individual training sessions, and it can be accomplished quicker than I think. Maybe if I bribe myself with Laventina's pizza at the end of it, I'll do it even faster!

You can do it too!

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