Monday, September 15, 2008

Feeling Stagnant?

Several times in life we come across a point where we just feel stuck. Whether it be the monotony of our daily routines or perhaps a job that we just aren't getting the most out of. Whatever it may be, there's always an answer.

What I've found throughout my journey in life is the excitement of a new adventure always spices up any ounce of stagnancy. Trying new things has several advantages: new knowledge, excitement, perhaps a new passion, a lead into a new path in life, emotional stimulants, and most of all-something different.

One of the worst things to do is let your "self" become lost in the mix of things. Life can become very demanding and also very routine leading some people to become unhappy with themselves and with their life. What can be done? Get up and go try something new!

Set some goals that will give you something to work towards. The ultimate reward of reaching those goals is more than enough to give things a spin. Some great things to try could be: training for a triathlon for a full body adventure, joining a book club for intellectual stimulants, learning an instrument or a new type of art, or even something like underwater basket weaving. Whatever interests you may have, take time to pursue them! It will change your life!

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